Why I write less technical blogs: the shift from junior to senior

10 February, 2022

I have been working on front-end development for more than 4 years, and I keep learning technical things (you can check my blogs as evidence), however, I found that it is not suffisant for my current role.

I am working in Thefork, it is a very good company, and I am working with senior front-end developers. The more I worked with them, the more difference I found between us.

We are both good at implementation in detail, and they are better than me in designing the solution and viewing the problems at a high level. They are able to compare different implementation methods, view pros and cons and choose the best solution.

For years I have been writing articles about best practices for a certain framework. But being a better developer, being a senior developer is more than that, they should know the tools, but they should also be able to select the best tool for the right problem. For example, knowing how to do basic carpenter work doesn't mean that you can build a stable and big wooden house. Knowing how to do is only the first step.

That's why I wrote less technical articles, because I have a better knowledge base now, and there are tons of good tutorials on the internet, but none of the articles mentions how to solve the real in-hand problems (performance drop ? seo implementation ?) You need to work on it, analyse situations, launch communications, and solve problems.

There are tons of articles about how to live a good life, but only reading those articles doesn't guarantee that you will live a good life. Live a good life needs you to live in reality and solve problems.

That's my shift from junior to senior: from learning to designing and doing.

Good luck for the year 2022.

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